how to declutter
your wardrobe
and reveal your signature style
without the overwhelm



Wouldn’t it feel amazing to open your wardrobe and find clothes that fit and feel great? Clothes you are genuinely excited to wear? Let’s make it happen!

Too many of us have a wardrobe full of clothes which don’t serve us.  We open the wardrobe doors first thing in the morning and are hit with a barrage of negative thoughts ‘I’m too fat for that’, ‘I don’t suit that’, ‘I never wear that but it was expensive’, ‘I never wear that but I ‘should’’, ‘I never wear that but it was a gift’.

To me, all these thoughts induce unnecessary and painful guilt.  It makes sense to let these things go but I know that is easier said than done!

Let me show you how to declutter your wardrobe and figure out what suits you once and for all without the overwhelm

Together we will decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  I can offer solutions for storage and add a fresh perspective on how to utilise and make your clothes work for you.  Together we will get through so much more than you think possible…

How to Declutter with Jane Pendry - founder of a life decluttered

How to Declutter with Jane Pendry
Founder of A Life Decluttered

Just some of my happy clients

I had a online video session with Jane going through my wardrobe. It was great to discover some of the stories I was telling myself about certain items of clothes and these no longer needed to be true and I had permission to get rid. I have an ebay pile which is set to make me £150! Jane has a lovely supportive presence and really knows how to help tackle this topic which can be put off for too long- Leila
I can't tell you how grateful I am that Jane came to our house which is a clutter disaster! I desperately needed a clear strategy and plan on how to manage my cupboard space affectively. After our first session the hall cupboard which everyone in our house dreaded going near, is now a haven of tidy organised household essentials. Jane was clear in offering practical advice and committed to finishing a challenge quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend you get Jane to help you kick start your decluttering which feels so therapeutic but also helps you commit to a more manageable home!! I can't wait for her to come back and sort the whole house out!!- Caroline
I signed up for Jane's decluttering service because we had recently moved (and combined two homes and a photography studio into one) We had so many boxes of stuff that remained unpacked and cupboards bursting, that I was feeling overwhelmed and had no clue where to start. Jane gave me a boost into really getting stuck into unpacking and de-cluttering and have been doing a box or two a night! Not only did Jane help kick-start me into getting rid of a lot of things, she also advised me about where things could go, moving furniture around and trying out different layouts until we both felt it worked. I would recommend Jane and her services to anyone with extra clutter in their lives or even just folk who need their things organised a bit more!- Susan
Jane came round and spend 1.5 hours with me a couple of Saturdays ago and it was time extremely well spent!! I'm about to move home and having been here for 9.5 years have accumulated a lot of things!! However, it was the organisation and coordination of packing that Jane was helping me with - I'm calling on her for her decluttering services once we move in to our new home and unpack.<br /> We went through each room and discussed where things would logically go in the new house - from there Jane drew up a really easy to use and functional plan for the removal company to follow and myself when I come to unpack. I'm going to be moving when 38 weeks pregnant (while my husband is offshore) so to not have to spend hours thinking about this, be in a total muddle and have someone draw it all up for me has been such an amazing help! I'm so grateful and I'm really looking forward to using Jane on 'the other side' of my move to get rid of the things I really don't need or there just isn't a place for in our new home. I highly recommend using Jane who turns quite a mind boggling task into a streamlined enjoyable one!! She is truly passionate about helping people and what she does which shines through. Basically she took the hard work out of it for me and at a really stressful time, this is exactly the support I needed!! Thank you Jane!!- Rebecca
Am absolutely flabbergasted! Jane just left and we tackled the enormous cupboard which was full of 10years junk..... can't thank her enough, or recommend her services highly enough! She has a great eye for knowing how to make a home nice & cracks on with getting it done but is sensitive in her approach! Money truly well spent!!- Harmony


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